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  • A Bag's Life Is What You Make It

    Renewable News, Spring 2010

    Have a little empathy for the plastic bag.

    All the bag wants is a second chance to be recycled back to where it came from or reused around the home; not tossed senselessly into the trash.

    That’s the gist of the “A Bag’s Life” campaign — to rally Floridians into taking the extra time to genuinely think about the plastic bag, aside from the usual one-use tote home from the store.

  • Think Outside The Bag

    Everyone, it seems, is looking for ways to reuse what’s on hand.

    Enter the simple plastic bag. Recycling your plastic bags is one way to give them a second chance. You can drop them off at a store that takes them back and viola! your plastic bags are repurposed into benches, patio decking, crates and flower pots.