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Every Day

Do you remember the first Earth Day? If you're a baby boomer you may recall the spirit of discovery and awareness that swept the country 40 years ago. Then it was mainly an environmental "teach-in," but today it is a celebration where Pensacolians will act in solidarity with people everywhere. From planting trees to bicycling to work, we will honor the wonders of our world.

For anyone tempted to think of April 22 in only gigantic cosmic terms, I invite you to come down to earth for a moment. We all know the adage: Think globally, act locally. Earth Day speaks to small contributions we can make — with big results.

You know most of the drill: Change light bulbs to energy-efficient ones; recycle more than you used to, and think about how your actions affect our world. But we all need reminders. To help in the plastic-bag recycling effort, there's A Bag's Life ( public campaign. It's an informative, entertaining website and app that will drive you to the closest drop-off location. Many retailers throughout the state have signed on, with nearly 1,600 locations.

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